Icekarting in Kemi
Season start in december 2017. Have a good summer!

Icekarting is fun, safety and suitable for all ages!

Icekarting at Kemi Arctic sea Circuit is a totally new, fun and exciting experience. It is an activity which is easy to learn but difficult to master. Challenge yourself and test your skills as a rally or drifting driver. Ice Karting allows everyone over 15 years and 150 cm to drive and compete with competitors using eguivalent level of karts. Season begins 14.1.2017. We are open Tuesday, Friday, klo 11-12 am and 14-15.30pm

The Snowcasle Grand Prix race gives you superb memories for a lifetime! karts are the almost the same as used indoor karting, but with studded tires and more powerful engines. Kart race consists of warm up, gualifying round and the race. Everyone gets about 25 minutes driving time. Race track is located on the icy sea nearby the Kemi Snowcastle, in the Gulf of Bothnia.

Welcome to be served by experts, willing to make your visit as safe and enjoyable as possible.